How long until I need a new dishwasher? What is the normal time a garbage disposal work for before having to replace it? We have the answers for you! Our home inspectors have reviewed thousands of homes and receive continual education in our field—we’ve gotten pretty good at estimating the life expectancy of common household appliances.

We’ve paired our training and experience with recommendations provided by leading manufacturers of these products to create this article of the average life expectancies for household appliances.

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Dishwasher: 8-10 years

Water Heater: 6-12 years

Dryer: 8-12 years

Washer: 10-16 years

Garbage Disposal: 8-10 years

Microwave: 5-10 years

Gas Oven: 15 years

Electric Oven: 13 years

Refrigerator: 13 years

Deep Freezer: 10-20 years

Window A/C: 8-10 years

Smoke Detector: 8-10 years

HVAC Unit: 15-25 years

During a home inspection, a home inspector will check the manufacturer’s labels on appliances where/whenever possible and note life expectancy. This enables buyers to be prepared if an appliance’s age is high and nearing its general life expectancy and to plan for when it will need to be replaced. Aging appliances discovered during a home inspection, especially major household appliances like a refrigerator or an HVAC unit, can be used during negotiations. Read more here about negotiating with the homeowner. Potential buyers and homeowners looking to sell their property may also want to look into home warranties to see if one can benefit either party.