Spring cleaning has nothing on Summer’s to do list—with the longer days and more sunshine, many homeowners get outside to work on the exterior of the home and those projects they have been putting off since Winter.

Some of the most common and most important things to get done this summer are:

Inside Maintenance:
  • Repair and clean the grout in the kitchen, bathroom, or wherever else tile may be in your home.

  • Inspect under all sinks for any plumbing leaks and clean the aerators on each of the faucets.

  • Ensure smoke detectors are work and replace batteries as needed.

  • Make sure you have a rough exterior mat and a softer mat at each entrance into your home in order to keep dirt outside where it belongs.

  • Clean out the garage and organize—a messy space attracts and encourages pests and insects to come and stay.

Outside Maintenance:
  • Inspect, clean, and repair your deck and/or patio. Repaint or reseal it if it is needed to prolong the life of the wood.

  • Check exhaust vents from the dryer, bathrooms, and kitchen for any blockages and clean them out if you can—some blockages may require a professionally cleaning.

  • Trim the plants around your house and throughout your yard. Not only does this promote healthy growing but also minimizes how bugs and other pest are attracted or let into your home.

  • Pressure wash the exterior of your home and clean the windows, eave, and fascia if you didn’t get around to this during your Springtime cleaning.

Home Maintenance Inspection

Schedule a home maintenance inspection to have a professional review your home and investigate what needs done in your home, saving you time and effort of creating your Summer to do list—and knowing the items at the top of your to do are prioritized with tasks that truly need attention first.

What Is A Home Maintenance Inspection?

A home maintenance inspection, also referred to as an annual maintenance inspection, is like a wellness checkup for your home. This inspection reviews most aspects of a pre-purchase home inspection. These inspections are key to inspecting and monitoring all aspects of your home to prepare you for any upcoming repair or replacement needs.