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How do I know everything that needs to be inspected will be addressed?2019-01-29T09:47:22+00:00

For one, you will receive a written report detailing all the ‘bases’ that were covered by the inspection team.  Hence, you will be able to itemize and go through all the components of the house.  Based on experience and training, our inspectors will examine nearly 400 items in the home.  We begin with the major, structural-related components and look at every appliance, the home’s electrical system, plumbing work, and all mechanical functions.  Heating and air conditioning systems will be examined, and much, much more.  Again, the report will be your record that all the necessary areas were inspected.

How long will the inspection process take?2019-01-29T09:50:26+00:00

Generally, depending on the size and age of the home, our inspectors need two to three hours to complete a full inspection.

Should I be concerned about Mold or do I need a Mold Inspection?2019-01-29T09:46:05+00:00

There are millions of mold spores in the air all the time. They are dormant. What they need to germinate, grow, and spread is moisture and a food supply. During home inspections we will look for any of these indicators. We typically do not recommend a mold inspection unless we see causes for concern during an inspection.

How soon will an inspector come out?2019-01-29T09:45:24+00:00

Usually, we respond to an inspection request within 24 hours.  If greater urgency is needed, we will attempt to accommodate the homeowner, even coming on a Saturday if necessary.

What credentials do your inspectors have?2019-01-29T09:44:29+00:00

Every AcuSystem inspector is certified and trained to meet the highest industry standards.  Ongoing training keeps our team abreast of emerging technologies and other technical matters of relevance.

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