Questions About New Construction Home Inspections Your Client May Ask

What Is A New Construction Home Inspection?

A new home construction inspection is "an independent, third party inspection to ensure that the work completed is in compliance with plans, specifications, and the construction schedule". After a new home has been built, many various parts of the home that could have been seen during the construction of the home are secured and those are not covered under the inspection. It is important that a home is inspected during the construction process to make sure that everything being done on the property is up to code and being done correctly from the start.

Why Get A New Construction Home Inspection?

It is possible that the builders/ workmen who constructed the home cut corners in the process of building your home and at first glance that may not be visible to a buyer, but inspectors can see these things more thoroughly. A builder/ contractor will use the words "up to code" but it is always good to bring in an inspector for a second opinion.

Home Inspections Provide Home Buyer Peace Of Mind

Having a professional in-progress inspection on a new construction give the homebuyer a great sense of peace of mind because they are very thorough. These in-progress inspectors spend all the time that is needed to ensure the highest quality of a home. If things are found during the building process that are not up to par, that inspector can also relay the information on how to fix things verses the homebuyer having to address the situation. Having a licensed professional who knows what to look out for in the process of new construction serves as a helpful hand along the way.

What Inspections Are Performed?

For a new construction, an in-progress inspection allows the inspector to take on the "eye of the homebuyer" role. They are able to be there through the entire process and different stages of the building process while also being able to relay information from an informative and professional point of view. The following are the stages where inspections are preformed:

  1. The foundation form work before the concrete placement.
  2. Post installation of the support posts, floor joints and beams.
  3. Post installation of the rough framing, rough electrical wiring, building sanitary pipe drainage, heating/cooling duct work, and potable water supply systems.
  4. The exterior siding and rood coverings.
  5. The final inspection which checks all the visually accessible portions of the home: heating/cooling, plumbing and electrical systems and safety items—much like a pre-purchase home inspection.

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