Florida statutes provide for the owner of a proposed building to select a private provider to come and perform plan reviews and inspections as mandated by the Florida Building Code.  This action enables you to stay compliant with this Building Code and Local Amendments.

AcuSystem Inspections will come onsite, perform these services for you, yet stay within the disciplines covered by our licensure.  Also, our private provider service offers you a smart system for checks and balances from high skilled, experienced and trained home and building inspectors.

Why Wait?

Today in our state, building departments are overloaded with requests and commitments.  To expedite your needs (to help you remain on schedule), we recommend hiring our building inspection service rather than waiting on the state’s building department to come out and perform an inspection.

Why wait when there is no-telling how long that might take?  We can often accommodate next day service for private inspections scheduled by close of business today.

Why AcuSystem?

Our Private Provider Building Inspections are available to all home and commercial builders at any point in the construction process. We can serve you starting at the ground breaking, throughout the build, or to replace another private provider who is not delivering adequate and timely inspections.

We invite your construction team to walk with us during the course of our inspection to locate any discrepancies in workmanship that could lead to a failed inspection in order to have them correct issues as needed. This saves you time and money! When corrections are made during our inspections, we are able to continue with our process, and you are not faced with a failed inspection or the need (and cost) of a re-inspection.

Benefits of an AcuSystem Private Provider Building Inspection

  • Our Licensed Inspectors offer you the ability to schedule several necessary inspections on the same day.
  • We complete every inspection without a cut-off and provide digital reports before leaving your construction site to all necessary parties.
  • AcuSystem Inspections will get you back the lost days spent on waiting for the local building department representative, which in turn restores your customer’s faith in your business and the industry overall, keeps you compliant with your promised construction schedule, and reduces fewer Cycle Time days.

Make AcuSystem Inspections Your Building Inspector of Choice and Schedule Your Private Provider Building Inspections Today.