The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that is on the minds of most people these last few weeks has caused unprecedented reactions from individuals, businesses, and governments.

This includes the inspectors of Tampa Bay area’s home and building inspection company—AcuSystem Inspections. We have been following the recommendations of the CDC very closely (in addition to our regular health and wellness precautions during and after our home and other building inspections). As the days pass and more information and advice is provided by the CDC and local governments, we have been adapting our policies to stay at the forefront of health recommendations and ease our client’s worries.

At AcuSystem Inspections, our community is like our family and we wish everyone to be safe and healthy during these trying times. To help promote the health and safety of our clients, employees, business partners (like the realtors we work with), and the occupants of the homes or properties we are inspecting, we are adhering to the follow new regulations established by our company.

AcuSystem Inspections COVID-19 Action Plan

We understand our client’s concerns for COVID-19 and we are taking this situation seriously. Because we always have our customers best interest in mind, all of
our inspectors have taken and passed the new InterNACHI course on the Corona Virus for Home Inspectors. To learn more about the course, please visit COVID-19 Safety Guidelines for Home Inspectors Course. Below is a list of additional precautions each of our inspectors will be taking when performing an inspection.

For Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Clients

While we usually avidly encourage our clients to join us during our home inspections, we feel that during this pandemic, in order to reduce the chances of spreading/contracting the coronavirus and minimize the contamination of the occupant’s home, we are asking our clients to understand that we respectfully request them to not attend the inspections. Instead, we will conduct the inspection as thoroughly as we always have and will continue to provide a detailed digital report as well as implementing the new procedure of contacting our clients by phone in order to discuss our findings following the conclusion of the inspection.

For Home Occupants

We want to put your mind at ease when opening your home to an inspection. We understand that concerns for contracting or spreading the coronavirus have increased and we will be working diligently to reduce the risk during an inspection of your home.

During home inspections conducted for the sale of the home, home occupants are typically not home. We ask that this practice is continued, even as many homeowners/home sellers may be home more often than normal right now.

Our Other Clients

For annual home maintenance inspections, pre-listing home inspections (home inspections initiated by the seller), or other property inspections (like building inspections or termite inspections), we also ask these clients to forgo attending the inspection in person or maintain the CDC recommended distance (6 ft) from our inspectors while they are on your property if being present cannot be avoided. During their time in your home or on your premise, our inspectors will be increasing their regular sanitation practices to reduce the risk of spreading germs to your home.

Our Increased Sanitation Practices

Typically, our inspectors follow regular hygiene habits of washing their hands thoroughly for 20-30 seconds following each inspection and use hand sanitizer or hand washing during inspections, as needed. Inspectors who are ill are not assigned to perform inspections and are encouraged to adhere to the company’s sick leave policy.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have required all of our inspectors to adhere to the more stringent sanitation regulations below:

Home Inspectors COVID-19 Safety Guidelines Training
  • Inspectors will use hand sanitizer before beginning any new inspection and will wash their hands for 20-30 seconds upon completion of a home inspection.

  • Inspectors will wash their hands throughout the inspection, as needed, especially following instances of touching high-traffic areas such as door handles or faucets. Hand sanitizer will be available to all inspectors to use in place of hand washing in the event hand washing is not an option.

  • Inspectors will bring their own hand towel or paper towels to dry their hands.

  • Inspectors will use disinfecting wipes (or equivalent) on door handles, light switches, faucets, etc.

  • Inspectors have been advised to be mindful of face touching and increase avoidance of touching their faces.

  • Inspectors will not shake hands, bump fists, or conduct any other physical form of greeting.

  • Inspectors will wear a mask while on the premise if requested by the seller/client.

  • Inspectors who are ill, including having a fever and/or a cough, or are not feeling well will not be allowed to conduct an inspection.

The home inspectors and team at AcuSystem Inspections will continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation and the recommendations of the CDC. We will adjust our procedures as needed/recommended to ensure the safety and health of our employees, clients, and community.

For more information about COVID-19, including symptoms, health and safety practices, or what to do if you think you are sick, please visit the website for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at