Common Causes Of Cracked Foundations In Tampa Homes

AcuSystem Inspections has been performing home and property inspections for over two decades. During this time, we have uncovered a variety of hidden issues in a home, including foundation problems that affect the structural reliability of the home or building. When we see a potential concern, like a crack in the foundation, we will inspect further to determine whether the crack was caused by settlement or if it indicates a serious foundation issue.

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There are several causes behind foundation cracks.

Time: As time passes, homes naturally settle upon the ground they were built. This settling can cause minor shifts in the foundation; however, most builders account for this when laying the foundation and any subsequent cracks (usually around doorways) are harmless. They can usually be covered with a coat of paint or a small amount of spackle.

Weather: Cycles of rainy weather and drought seasons can affect the ground under your home. When dry, the soil can contract; when wet, it expands. This constant change in pressure can lead to a crack in the foundation. Depending on how well the home was built, this foundation crack can range from minor to serious issues.

Flooding: Whether from an undetected leaky pipe or a sudden influx of water caused by a storm or plumbing issue can cause more than just a mold concern and water damage to your drywall and belongings. Pressure caused by the water source and wet soil can lead to foundation cracking.

Sunshine: Florida is known for its high heat and humid summers that last nearly all year. Like moisture, heat can also cause an expansion-contraction effect that can lead to cracks.

Roots: Oak trees are a common sight in the Tampa Bay area. The extensive root system of these large trees can cause homeowners some concern for their foundation. Roots can push and break through the foundation, so if you have a tree planted close to your home, watch for cracks caused by invasive roots.

Poorly Installed Foundation: Many causes, especially those pertaining to expansion and contraction of the ground and soil, can be countered by a well-built home. However, this isn’t always the case. If the foundation was poorly installed or conditions were not taken into consideration for the area being built, a homeowner may pay for this in the long run. If a crack is discovered, it is important to determine if the crack is from settlement and not a major concern or if foundation repair is necessary.

Contact Tampa Home Inspectors To Check For Foundation Issues 

A home inspection can help determine whether the cracks you see in a home require extensive repair. Contact AcuSystem Inspections to review the health of your home so you can have peace of mind.

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