There are several valid reasons to have a commercial property inspected.  The building might be designated for sale.  Or, an investor may be looking at the property to purchase, and then intends to lease sections of it to tenants.  Whatever the reason, a full inspection of the building – especially if the age of the building warrants concern – is a safe, smart decision.

If you are intending to sell the building, a Baseline Commercial Property Inspection is necessary.  The American Society for Testing and Materials calls this a “PCA,” or Property Condition Assessment.  A PCA includes a walk-through survey, a document review, and an inspector conducting interviews to determine the building’s condition.  Next, the results of the PCA will be reported in a Property Condition Report (PCR).

The baseline inspection helps owners and buyers to understand what operations will be required in the selling process, and the types of maintenance required.  Prospective investors can gain confidence by viewing the full report generated by the team who conducted the inspection.

The Baseline Commercial Property Inspection Includes:

  1. Structural frame and the building’s envelope
  2. All roof surface areas
  3. Site characteristics (such as landscaping, paving, and utilities)
  4. Plumbing systems
  5. Heating systems
  6. Air conditioning and ventilation
  7. Interior elements
  8. Safety issues and fire protection
  9. Vertical transportation (elevators, if relevant)
  10. Opinions concerning probable costs
  11. Document review
  12. Recommendations and prediction of present condition outcomes

AcuSystem Inspections will often include experts from different industries in order to complete the most accurate Property Condition Assessment. These experts may include structural engineers, HVAC specialists, electrical specialists, paving specialists, roof experts, fire protection specialists, and the like.

In general, an inspection service provider with a solid reputation should plan to bring in these experts as standard procedure.  If a company does not look to the input of other knowledgeable professionals from relevant fields, you should reconsider hiring that company, as they may yield to the temptation of “winging it” – not providing the kind of expertise that customers need to obtain.  An accurate picture is necessary so the purchaser can know the real condition of the building.