When you look at a building as a structure within an envelope—that is, an outer shell—there are two environments that the building is designed to separate: the inside from the outside.  A building’s envelope, when designed properly, will adequately block those two environments from having influence on the other.  Hence, as builders design and construct the envelope of the structure, they need to keep several performance objectives in mind to maintain this “separation.”

To achieve desired objectives, engineers must account for such vital concerns as moisture control, structural integrity, and temperature control.  For example, regarding “air factors,” they need to be assured of how well heating and air-conditioned air will be contained inside the structure.  And, of course, these objectives must be accomplished in such a way where the results of their workmanship remain pleasing to the eye.

These are all issues AcuSystem Inspections’ team can help you evaluate, better understand, and address in the implementation of your design plans. First, our inspections will assess the overall condition of the building’s exterior.  Then the goal is to evaluate the work done on the ‘envelope’ and develop possible maintenance, replacement, or repair options.  AcuSystem Inspections offers you the expertise and experience to fully assess your needs once it becomes time to certify your exterior’s status.