The growing trend of drone usage is not limited to photographers or videographers. The use of drones is quite endless when you get a little creative and think outside of the box—which we did! To further assist homeowners and property owners throughout the Florida counties we serve, we perform drone inspections for hard to access rooftops and more.

Improved Accuracy and Consistency With Drone Rooftop Inspections

Aerial inspections conducted by drones can provide more accurate measurements and higher-quality imaging of the surface of the rooftop. While our home and building inspectors are well experienced and well-trained, they are not infallible. Twisted measuring tapes or an inconsistent edge of a rooftop can complicate our inspections.

By implementing drones during a rooftop inspection, we can safely capture the measurements of the roof more accurately than ever before. Drones are better able to capture:

  • The square footage of the roof
  • Pitches of the roof
  • The surface area
  • The roof’s slope
  • Other roof features

 More Accurate Results in a Fraction of the Time

In addition to providing our building and home inspectors with a more accurate recording of your structure’s roofing system, we are able to gather the date in minutes and analyze the data in a fraction of the time it would take us to complete a traditional roof inspection.

Safety First, Always.

Our dedication is to our clients as well as to our employees. Providing a safe environment in which to work as well as providing the tools necessary to ensure the safety of our inspectors is one of our top concerns. While some residential roofs are easy to access and safe for our inspectors to walk on with the appropriate safety gear, other roofs provide more of a challenge. This is where our drone inspections rescue the day! By allowing our inspectors to view the rooftop from the safety of the ground and still accurately inspect the roof, drones enable us to perform more difficult jobs and inspections that other roof inspectors may have to turn down due to safety concerns.

Technologically Linked

With images and data gathered electronically and transmitted to our inspectors in seconds, we can complete accurate roof inspections digitally and complete an analysis report in a matter of moments. With easily shareable PDFs, our inspections are in your inbox sooner than a traditional roof inspection.

If you have had trouble finding a roof inspector or home inspector near you to perform a home inspection, building inspection, insurance inspection, four-point inspection, or just a plain old roof inspection because of the difficulty and safety concerns that your rooftop poses, contact AcuSystem for your drone inspection solution.