When you are planning to sell you home, there is a checklist of things to do—contact a realtor, prep the home for listing photos, and determine your asking price. One thing to add to your checklist is having a pre-listing home inspection done.

Pre-Listing Inspections Can Prevent Surprises

Homebuyers will most likely opt to conduct a home inspection before they complete the purchase of a home. In this inspection, issues you were unaware of may be revealed and provide your potential buyer with a reason to back out of the sale, use as leverage for a lower price, or to demand repairs be made before moving forward with the purchase. Avoid the issues a home inspection can surprise you with by getting a pre-listing home inspection done.

What Does A Pre-Listing Inspection Entail?

A pre-listing inspection is the same quality and extensive inspection a buyer has done—only conducted by the seller before they put the home up for sale. This provides the seller with two possible advantages. The first being a clean inspection to provide to potential buyers and entice more bids on your home. The second is uncovering any issues and then taking care of them before a buyer can use them as leverage or cancel their contract.

Accurately Price Your Home With A Pre-Listing Inspection

The asking price is usually based on a number of factors such as the home’s size, location, age, visible condition, and current real estate market factors. By opting for a pre-listing inspection, you can affirm the condition of the home, note upgraded features, and prepare for any defects—either in the asking price or by handling the repairs in advance of the sale. If there are defects uncovered in the home, you can adjust your asking price to reflect the cost of needed repairs. You could also handle repairs on your own to avoid your asking price from being affected.

Entice Buyers With A Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Not all home inspections find issues; many homes are given a clean bill of health, so to speak. You can use this clean report to provide to prospective buyers—it reflects confidence in your asking price and home description. It also can remove concerns new buyers may have about having to deal with repairs shortly after moving in.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections Are An Affordable Investment

When weighing the pros and cons of a pre-listing inspection, the benefits of getting one greatly outweighs the costs of getting a pre-listing inspection (or the costs that could occur down the line if you don’t get one and are blindsided by the buyer’s inspection). By opting for a pre-listing inspection, you are taking the steps to be a prepared seller. With a pre-listing inspection, you will be in control on how to handle what the report shows rather than being at the mercy of the buyer.

Central Florida’s Go-To Home Inspectors

AcuSystem Inspections provides pre-listing home inspections to sellers throughout Central Florida, from coast to coast. Sellers looking for a pre-listing inspection in Tampa and throughout Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, Polk, and Manatee Counties all the way to Orlando and Orange County and Osceola, Charlotte, Citrus, Hardee, Lake, Highlands, Sumter, and Sarasota Counties can rely on the reputable service of AcuSystems.