Wind mitigation inspections are one of the insurance inspections that AcuSystem Inspections conducts. This inspection may also be referred to as a mitigation inspection or a uniform mitigation verification inspection. Essentially, this inspection is conducted to determine the strength and ability of a structure’s roofing system to withhold against strong winds, like those present during a hurricane.

Florida mandates that insurance companies provide a discount for clients who have a wind mitigation inspection completed by a certified inspector. The more wind-resistant the roofing structure is, the greater the discount will likely be.

Types of structures that qualify for a wind mitigation include:

Single Family Homes

Multi-Family Housing Units

Condos and Townhomes

Commercial Buildings

During a wind mitigation inspection, an AcuSystem Certified Inspector will review the following seven areas, documenting notes and pictures of the roofing system:

Roof Covering
  • The current condition and the age of the roof are determined. The structure of the roof covering is compared to the updated 2001 building codes to determine if it meets the new standards.

Roof Deck Attachment
  • The type of roof decking used for construction is determined and documented, as well as how it was attached to the underlying structure.

Point Of Entry Protection
  • How the roof is attached to the wall is determined and documented. For example, how the trusses are attached and whether the wraps are single or doubled.

Roof Geometry
  • The shape of the roof is determined and documented (i.e. HIP or non-HIP roof). HIP roofs are considered to be more geometrically friendly in high winds.

Secondary Water Resistance
  • Documentation of what type of barrier is in place to prevent water intrusion, should shingles be blown off the roof during a storm.

Point Of Entry Protection

  • Windows and doors are reviewed for windstorm protection – what type, if any, shutters or storm protection devices are installed to prevent against wind-born debris. To qualify for a wind mitigation discount on your insurance, all installed devices must be Hurricane rated and all openings must have some sort of protection installed.

Build Code

  • The age of the home or building is documented and used to determine what the building codes were when the structure was built. Or, if the roof was replaced, to determine the building codes at the time of the new construction. Then, the structure is compared to the building code to ensure it was built to meet Florida standards.