At AcuSystem, we know that whether your property is residential or commercial, water is fundamental to its usefulness. If you are planning to move to a Florida home that is on well water rather than city water, you should confirm the quality of your water with a well inspection. Doing this will guarantee that the well and well pump are working correctly and in top condition before buying the home.

The majority of people are surprised to learn that well pump and water quality inspections are not a part of a pre-purchase home inspection. AcuSystem can visit your home, inspect your well within one to two hours, and offer valuable recommendations and feedback on your well pump system and the water it is providing to your home.

Well Pump and Water Quality Inspection

Allow AcuSystem to perform your well and water quality inspection. Our well pump and water quality inspectors will perform a careful and detailed inspection, determining whether the well is working correctly and able to keep up with the burdens placed upon it. Throughout a well pump inspection, our team will check the following areas:

  • We will begin inside your home, evaluating the valves, fittings, and tank.
  • Check and pump the well. This includes taking off the well cap and assessing the water level as we run it.
  • Testing the well’s mechanical and electrical functioning.
  • Ensuring the well system is up to local building code requirements.
  • Testing the water pressure and identifying any pipeline leaks.
  • On-site test for minerals present in the water and pH level.
  • Evaluate the water softener for hardness, sulfur, and iron.
  • Collect water samples for additional testing (such as bacterial contamination, heavy metal contamination, presence of volatile organic compounds, and more).

Now, before you sell or buy a home, get direct answers to all your questions first – call AcuSystem today for professional water testing and well pump system inspection and evaluation. At AcuSystem, we have always made customer service our #1 priority. You will find that we are known for quality services, superb work ethic, and friendly interactions.

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AcuSystem will do both well and pump inspection to offer you peace of mind about your new property before you sign. Call us now with your questions, or to schedule your appointment.