Yearly termite inspections are vital for early discovery of termite activity on your property, to avoid the potential for damage on a significant scale and costly repairs. Termite inspections also evaluate the conditions that make the property prone to timber pests, and tips to reduce the risk of termite infestation. A vast majority of homes in mainland Florida are at risk from termite attack due to the state’s climate and popular building materials.

AcuSystem suggests a competent termite inspection at least once a yearly for preventative measures; however, those who have previously had a termite infestation, or are at a high risk for one, may want to consider termite inspections twice a year.

What Goes Into A Termite Inspection?

Performing a termite inspection may not be obligatory for real estate transactions. However, do not wait until you try to sell your property (or have already started the buying process) to discover you have an issue.

Termites are very typical in Florida, so it is more a matter of “when,” not “if,” a termite infestation will occur. So, make an appointment now with AcuSystem if you:

  • Think you might have a termite issue in your business or home
  • Wish to avoid a termite infestation before it begins
  • Plan to buy property and require a termite inspection as a condition of sale
  • Plan to sell your property and wish to attract more buyers will a clean termite record

AcuSystem Termite Inspectors

Your business or home symbolizes a considerable investment. When termites invade your building, they can cause costly damage which threatens the integrity of your building’s structure.

After you notice the evidence of termites, the harm they have caused can be wide-ranging. Further, most of the devastation they cause is hidden. Early detection and prevention are necessary. Here’s what you can expect from AcuSystem’s Termite Inspectors:

  • Physical inspection of both exterior and interior for any activity of wood-destroying insects.
  • We will be assessing evidence of the existence of termites. This includes damage to wood, exit holes, termite droppings, molted wings, and mud tubes.
  • Determination of regions outside and inside the structure which could attract termite infestations. This might include moisture around the foundation, standing water, tree branches overhanging structures, wood mulch near structures, and any wood features of the structure which are buried in or touching the soil.
  • Checking of soil around structures and foundations, particularly by typical entry points.
  • Inspections are typically completed in less than an hour but can vary based on the conditions and size of your structure.

We Offer A Comprehensive Report

A complete written report is presented to you at the completion of each termite inspection. AcuSystem’s termite inspectors will draw upon knowledge about your place; from the wood material used to the weather and from the seasons to the surroundings. After a thorough inspection of your whole premises, inside and out, we will offer you suggestions on the best solutions for your case.

You can rest assured that our termite inspection reports are simple to read, factual, informative, and comprehensive as to the actual conditions present at the period of the inspection.

So, what are you waiting on? If you wish to employ our Termite Inspectors, call us now to get started.