Does your home warranty expire soon? Have you conducted your own thorough home inspection yet? Well, take note that you might be throwing away some massive amount of money! In rare situations, thousands of dollars! Did you know that a big number of construction faults go ignored for three to five years? Nevertheless, the majority of home builder warranties run out after just a year.

Thus, having your property inspected by a certified home inspector before the warranty expiration can save hundreds and even thousands of dollars in future repair expenses.

How Likely Is A New Home To Need Repairs?

A survey concluded that 95 percent of newly built homes between 2000 to 2002 had some substantial deficiency leading to unexpected costs for the homeowner.

How does this happen?

When building a new commercial building or home, the supervisor or lead site developer is rarely on site. The majority have different sites they are accountable for and spend sixty to ninety minutes a day at any given place. In rare cases, not every job site gets checked regularly.

Most of the time a supervisor or developer spends on a build site is usually spent managing their large network of vendors and subcontractors – not inspecting for quality workmanship. Each vendor and subcontractor play a specific function within the construction of a new home, and for many, the goal is to get as much work done as quickly as possible in order to maximize profits by working on multiple home builds within a build cycle.

The result can be disastrous for a new homeowner when corners are cut to save on time and produce the new home as quickly as possible. In most cases, however, the results don’t reveal themselves until months down the line…well after you have moved in and for many, well after your New Home Warranty has already expired – leaving the responsibility (and the cost) of repairs up to you.

End of Warranty Inspections from AcuSystem

To deal with the needs of new homeowners today, AcuSystem provides End of Warranty Inspection services. Our inspector will perform a careful home inspection before your home warranty runs out, and provides you with a tailored and detailed report of any current or possible issues. You see, an impartial, third-party inspector doesn’t do corrective work. They also don’t work for the builder, so they have no vested interest in concealing issues. What’s more, the inspector will just provide the findings based on objective knowledge and experience.

Our end of warranty inspection, like traditional home inspections, covers over 400 items; it includes a careful inspection of every component and system within your home. Every visible defect will be recorded, including (but not limited to) contractor and manufacturer errors which are very hard to find with an untrained eye. That “last chance” inspection could surely save you hundreds and even thousands and offer you peace of mind.

An inspector will generally spend at least 2.5 hours checking the business or home and might suggest further assessment if there are any suspected problems (like mold or termites). Homeowners are highly encouraged to accompany the inspector and make any queries so they can understand more about their home.

So, do not miss this amazing opportunity to have your new property evaluated professionally while it’s still within the builder’s warranty. Expect that you’ll get peace of mind and comfort knowing your investment will last for years.

Feel free to get in touch with us to get started!