Tampa’s Trusted Business and Home Inspectors Provide Leading Technology To Ensure Thorough Home Inspections

There has been a dramatic increase in the use of drones for inspections in various industries. Inspection of construction sites, telecom towers, bridges, pipelines, and residential homes have become increasingly easy and cost-effective. Gone are the days of humans putting their lives on the line to inspect difficult infrastructure, or of turning away clients to find a specialist to handle the inspection.

Our building and home inspectors are fully trained and qualified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to perform drone inspections of your property. Our inspectors have successfully completed all necessary coursework and paperwork to obtain their Remote Pilot Certificate (RPC).

Why Should You Turn to Drones?

  • It can reach where a human being cannot. Inspecting a building rooftop at a great height is not ideal for a human being. Even if we managed to reach the height, in order to maintain proper security procedures, inspections may end up with errors or missing information. A physical inspection of a difficult to reach structure becomes time-consuming and expensive. But drone inspections make it quick, easy, and affordable!
  • There is little chance that a drone will mis-record anything during its inspections. The measurements and images taken by drones are richer and more precise. Therefore, drone inspections of hard to reach or difficult to inspect areas are completely thorough and accurate.
  • When you use a drone for inspection, there is reduced risk of liability! Inspecting great heights poses a great safety issue to the inspector. If proper procedures are not accurately followed or proper equipment standards are not implemented, slips or falls can be detrimental to human life.
  • A drone can offer far better and more powerful data to companies and homeowners alike. Drone inspection data is readily available in various shareable formats. So, you can have the results of your inspection sooner.
  • Drone inspections can also help to lower your insurance costs – and can lower the cost of the overall inspection when time to inspect is drastically reduced. With accurate readings, insurance companies can be satisfied with your inspection results and you may qualify for certain discounts based on the results found.

Which Businesses Can Benefit From Drones Inspections?

Drones have become the leading choice of inspection robot. Using a drone has proven to be beneficial to most of the large-scale businesses and residential clients with a unique home or roofing structure. Let’s check out some of the properties that can make full use of drone inspections.

Agricultural Industry

When you own acres of farmland, it is difficult to detect everything needed during a thorough property inspection. Drones use lidar technology, heat sensors, high-resolution imagery, and accurate calculations to have the many different structures on your farmland inspected . . .areas that are often too difficult for an individual inspector, such as silos, barns, and water towers.

Aerial Surveillance

There are many commercial bodies that make use of drones for inspection. Some private companies elect drone inspections in order to detect any damages throughout large stretches of buildings or pipelines. You can also get accurate reporting on inspections of taller structures, chimneys, and roofs.

Oil, Minerals, and Gas Industry

Using drone inspections in the oil, gas, and mineral industry is the safest and most efficient way of getting an inspection done! A human eye may not detect possible corrosion in an oil rig, but a sensor mounted on drones can! Monitoring pipelines with sections thousands of meters long requires extensive manpower with a number of vehicles. A drone can get the job done in a cost-effective manner! The best reason for any oil, mineral, and gas industry to use the drone is for real-time surveillance. You will get high-resolution images and videos that enable you to inspect on a real-time basis.

Real Estate

If you are in the real estate business, you understand how brutal the competition is. You can make your listing stand out with high-quality, accurate imagery of the surrounding land and building structure. You can use drones to take beautiful pictures and virtual tours of the home, along with great views of the backyard. This is sure to push your business to the next level and beat your competitors.

Construction Industry

Because of the bird’s-eye view of the drone, the construction industry is reaping the benefits of these flying surveillance robots to the fullest. They offer an accurate survey of the construction site in no time. While building a new residential development or a skyscraper downtown, drones can play a very important role in cutting inspection time to a minimum, while ensuring a complete building inspection is conducted to its fullest.

Residential Inspections

In addition to the many commercial industries benefiting from drone inspections, drones are also used by home inspectors for roof inspections. Whether the roof inspection is a stand-alone inspection, part of a four-point insurance inspection, or one of the many aspects of a home inspection before you buy, drones increase accessibility and safety of the home inspector. In cases where a rooftop is too steep, too deteriorated or damaged after a disaster, wet from recent Florida rains, or made from a material (like clay tiles) that make it difficult for the home inspector to traverse across the rooftop, drones enable home inspectors to provide better service regardless of the weather or scenario.