Many home owners and prospective buyers of houses hear about “4-point inspections,” and yet few know what it involves.

If your home for sale or purchase is older than 25 years, insurance companies have growing concerns about the condition of the home in these specific areas:

  1. Electrical system
  2. Plumbing
  3. Roof and Structure conditions, and
  4. HVAC -air conditioning, heat, and ventilation concerns.

Four Point inspections are the tools insurance underwriters use to determine how much risk is attached to the property.  Having a 4-point inspection done by AcuSystem will insure the house has reliable strength as far as its condition in these vital areas. Our team of Florida certified inspectors knows the 4-point system well.  Let us take the guesswork out of helping you obtain an accurate picture of the condition of an older house.

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A 4-Point home inspection consists of a routine of examining just four primary categories of a home, rather than the usual ‘home inspection’ which can include over 400 items.  A 4-Point inspection usually takes 20 to 30 minutes, instead of a full home inspection, which can last up to three or four hours, depending on a number of factors such as the home’s size and age.

Minimizing Insurance Costs, Maximizing Peace Of Mind

Besides appeasing the insurance company, all homeowners should be aware of how well maintained these four areas are.  You owe it to yourself to know the condition of an HVAC system, whether your pipes are corrosive in nature, whether the electrical system was wired correctly, and so forth.  Having a 4-Point inspection done by reputable professionals will assure you these categories can remain in safe condition.