With 45 years inspection experience, I learned a lot about managing and maintaining a business with the highest standards. AcuSystem strives to be the best and give more to our customers. Our inspectors are better trained to provide top quality Home inspections. We offer more ancillary inspections than our competitors including Insurance inspections, Mold Evaluations, Water Quality Testing, Energy Efficiency Surveys, Air Duct leakage Tests, Annual Maintenance Inspections, and much more.

Here’s how AcuSystem Home Inspections delivers excellent service…

  • ON TIME FOR THE INSPECTION.  Avoids inconveniencing Customers and Realtors
  • ATTEND YOUR INSPECTION.  Accompany the inspector & learn all about the home.
  • WRITTEN REPORT WITHIN 24 HOURS.  Our commitment to meet Customer needs.
  • AWARD WINNING REPORT FORMAT.  Clarity and ease of getting information.
  • AVAILABLE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS.  Fast response to any follow-up questions.
  • HONEST& OBJECTIVE.  Factual findings will be presented openly and fairly.
  • MEET NATIONWIDE STANDARDS.  What is covered along with any limitations.
  • MULTIPLE GUARANTEES.  Buy Back, 90-Day, and the $10,000 Honor Guarantee.

We are continuously working to improve ourselves and increase our industry knowledge.

With the above knowledge, you can safely use and rely on AcuSystem for all inspection needs and enjoy the best value available across Central and South Florida.