It is highly recommended for all home buyers to have a home inspection done on a home they plan to purchase. A home inspection can teach you a lot about the home as well as identify any minor or major issues, allowing you to make an informed purchase decision.

When deciding on which home inspection company or home inspector to go with, be sure to keep these 5 tips in mind before choosing the first one to show up in your online search results.

  1. Request References and Check Reviews

Word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing—and one of the best ways to verify if a company is as good as their website makes them look. In this digital age, you can access reviews from numerous platforms—be sure to check them all! You can also request the home inspector to provide references you can follow up on, so you can ask more specific questions than a review may answer for you. Were they on time, did they appear knowledgeable, was the report easy to understand or full of jargon?

  1. Opt for an ASHI or InterNACHI Certified Inspector

These certifications are issued to home inspectors who meet and follow a certain standard of ethics, can show extensive experience, and who continue their education in their industry.

  1. Find Out What Type of Inspection They Will Conduct

There are many types of “home inspections.” It is important to understand what kind of home inspection you are signing up for and what is all inspected so you don’t feel mislead or have to pay more than you originally expected for “add-on inspections.”

  1. If You Need Extensive Services, Find a Single Inspector Who Can Provide

Depending on the home you are purchasing, you may need more than just the average pre-sale home inspection. You may wish to add on a termite inspection, water quality testing, or a mold inspection. Opting for a single home inspector or home inspection company to provide you with all the services you need may be more cost effective than purchasing services from multiple.

  1. Compare Costs

This may be a given but keep in mind when comparing costs to also compare services and quality of the home inspector. One company may charge more but they may have more overall experience, more certifications, or have more knowledge about the type of home you are buying. What is included in their standard home inspection may be different and account for the difference in cost. Get a detailed quote from each prospective home inspector so you can make the best comparison.

  1. Go With Your Gut

In addition to the above, also take into consideration the general “feeling” you get from a home inspector. Were they forthcoming with information or did they seem allusive?

Home inspectors don’t just review the health of a home, but they can also help you understand the home you plan to purchase. Aside from repairs, the home inspector can provide you with information about the house—from the average life expectancy for the roof or AC to important details like where the water shut off valve is located.

Give us a call and get to know us—see if we are a good fit for your inspection needs! You can also check out our “Questions To Ask A Home Inspector” to further your insight on the company you are looking to hire!