5 Reasons Why Investors Should Have A Home Inspection

Investors sometimes forgo an inspection, saying, “It’s an older home with issues. I know what I’m getting into.” However, an Insurance Inspection later often reveals problems and expenses that could have been avoided if found in a pre-purchase home inspection. Too late!

AcuSystem encourages investors to have a pre-purchase inspection. Here are 5 good reasons to get a home inspection done, even if you have purchased homes of similar age and condition:


The Exterior of the Home Investors need to know that the structure of the home is sound or can be repaired without a large cost. Examples of common issues a home inspection can help identify crumbling or missing foundation, damaged main beams, uneven settlement—all these and more could require costly remediation.


Roof and Attic Roofing structures, including the attic, pose many potential and costly repair issues for the investor if they are not initially discovered. Termites, rodents, leaks, insulation, and damaged duct work are just some of the many risks and threats to a structure’s roof. It is important to know the condition and life expectancy of the roof, decking, trusses, and roof penetrations. Knowing likely repair needs ahead of time is vital for investors to maintain their profit margin.


Plumbing Investors should also know the age and condition of the home’s plumbing. Is cast iron piping present? Deteriorated copper piping may have remained unseen for years. Does the polybutylene plumbing need replacement? Guessing should never be an option.


HVAC ComponentsWill a new system need to be installed? What about the potential replacement of the attic ductwork? Only a thorough inspection will give an investor true peace of mind about the health of the HVAC system.


Moisture Intrusion Don’t risk finding a mold issue after purchasing the home—remediation can be costly. An AcuSystem inspection will identify moisture issues causing unseen mold, potentially saving you hundreds or even thousands in extra repairs.

Unbiased Repair List With A Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

Investors need to have a reliable repair list from an unbiased source. Our inspectors have no incentive to deceive, only the desire to share their knowledge about the health and needs of a property. Conversely, without an independent list of specified repairs, self-serving contractors often find ways to justify extra and costly work to maximize their profit. Seeking repair advice solely from contractors may cause you to spend more than was actually needed.

So, do you know what you are really getting into? Only with a pre-purchase home inspection can an investor know what to fully expect from the property they are considering investing in. Save time, money, and the headache of blindly purchasing a property and finding more work (and expenses) than originally planned for. Protect your bottom line and understand the true value of your investment by electing a home inspection with AcuSystem Inspections.

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