4 Different Types of Home Inspections

Home inspectors are often qualified to perform more than one type of home inspection. At AcuSystem, our home inspectors are licensed by the State of Florida and have additional certifications and training to enable us to perform a wide range of inspection services. There are several types of home inspections—even more than those listed before. You can read more about each in our navigation menu! Each of the available home inspection services is meant to review your home in a different way, some inspecting more areas than others, but all providing you with accurate and thorough information about your home, major issues, and any recommendations for repair.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

This is the type of inspection most people thing about. This home inspection is completed before the sale of a home is finalized. It is often requested and purchased by the buyer, but some sellers have one done as a unique selling point for their home. This inspection covers over 400 different aspects of your home; however, it usually groups these itemized items into major areas of the home—like the roof, exterior, plumbing, and electrical.

End Of Warranty Home Inspections

An End of Warranty Inspection is important for current homeowners to consider having done when the expiration date of their home warranty is nearing. This inspection reviews major areas of the home and looks for issues that are related to the quality of the builder’s work. This type of home inspection can help you identify areas of your home that need to be addressed before your home warranty expires and you become fully responsible for the cost.

Insurance Inspections

This is actually three different types of inspections being categorized as one. Depending on the age of your home or your homeowner’s insurance carrier, you may be asked to have one or more insurance inspections be completed and the results submitted to your insurance provider in order to be approved for coverage. Roof inspections, wind mitigation inspections, and 4-point inspection are all considered a type of insurance inspection. They can also be requested to qualm homeowner curiosity or concern.

  • Roof Inspection

This type of inspection only covers the roof and roofing system of the home. It analyzes and documents the current condition of the roofing structure, determines its age, and provides a general life expectancy in the report.

  • Wind Mitigation Inspection

A popular roof and home inspection that determines how well the construction of the roof can withstand high winds—like those of a hurricane or tropical storm. For some homeowners, this inspection report can help you save on your homeowner’s insurance.

  • 4-Point Inspection

The most common of the three insurance inspections as it covers the roof, plumbing, electrical, and the HVAC system. This inspection reviews the condition, age, installation, and uses it to create a projected life expectancy.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

Different from the other inspections in purpose but similar in how they are conducted. An annual maintenance inspection reviews the major systems of a home with the intent of providing a recommendation list for home repairs and a maintenance checklist based on the severity of the inspection results.

Whatever you may need a home inspection for, AcuSystem Inspections is there for you. Our goal is to help our clients understand their most important purchase—and we accomplish this by providing the most thorough inspection you can get with a detailed report to summarize our findings.

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