Hundreds of thousands of homes get inspected every year. Whether it be for buying, selling, or just piece of mind for the homeowner, home inspections are done all the time. So, it is common for the same or similar issues to be present during a home inspection and lead us to recommend key areas for homeowners (and buyers) to pay particular attention to.

Here are the top 10 issues found in 2020 by inspectors during a home inspection:

  1. Smoke alarms and/or CO detector missing, non-functioning, or an inadequate number installed for the size of the home.
  2. Doors need adjusting—they stick or don’t seal properly, which can be a sign of bigger issues (foundation-related) or can cause energy deficiencies.
  3. Outlet/switch with deficiencies: Outlets and switches that do not work or installed upside down (or incorrectly!).
  4. No GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) protection throughout the electrical system in the home.
  5. Faucets and heads need servicing—often the hot/cold are switched, pressure is too high/low, or new caulking is necessary.
  6. Exterior caulking missing around windows and other exterior openings, which can lead to water intrusion and energy loss.
  7. Light fixtures/ bulb deficiencies: While these seem minor, the annoyance of a missing or broken bulb can be misperceived as major electrical and wiring issues and drive away potential buyers.
  8. Cosmetic settling causing cracks in drywall can appear alarming but are actually harmless, although the aesthetics of the home can be affected.
  9. Loose toilets are another issue that can be easily repaired but can turn away buyers.
  10. Damaged or missing window screens can take away from the uniformity of the exterior or affect the clean upkept look of a home and often included on the buyer’s conditions for purchasing a home.

While many common issues may be “small” in nature, they are still issues within a home that are important to note and take care of. When left unrepair or unattended, these issues could become exponentially worse or cause a domino effect in the structure of the home.

Luckily, all 10 of these are minor, yet common, problems and can be easily fixed! Now that you have this list, be sure to go check out these areas where these problems may occur in your home before your next home inspection—or if you are buying, be mindful of these concerns when performing a walkthrough!

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