Preventing Water Intrusion Through Proper Design And Maintenance

Water entering a building often leads to high moisture levels inside, and that will generally enable mold to grow, begin the process of dry rotting, wood deterioration, and contribute to other structural issues. According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), building design and functionality are integral factors to limiting water intrusion – this situation causes nutrients to enter, which allows mold to grow. To meet this concern head [...]

When Do I Need A Home Inspection

One of the most stress-filled purchases a person can makes involves real estate.  When a suitable home has been found – that is, “suitable” by mere appearances – there are still a host of issues, both financially as well as structurally, that will come into play before the customer can finally take ownership of the property. People who report their experiences (online) with the home buying process are saying, [...]

Building Inspections – Ensuring Decks are Built to Code

In 2003 a real disaster happened in Chicago because the builders of a deck outside several apartments didn’t anticipate the number of people who would gather on it one fateful evening.  13 unfortunate fatalities and 57 seriously injured told future builders that codes are not something to be taken lightly.  Lives might hang in the balance. So, what can builders do to make sure the deck structures they build [...]

Why Pre-Purchase Home Inspections Are Important

Home buyers who are serious about a potential home purchase should seriously consider a pre-purchase home inspection.  These inspections are designed to protect the consumer by providing a valuable look at the vital working operations and structural concerns of the home they hope to buy.  Particularly if the home is older, having a certified inspector go over the 350 to 400 areas that all reputable companies address -according to [...]

5 Ways to Identify Building Envelop Failure

The “envelope” of a building, when understood within an architectural context, includes a host of factors that were all considered at the time a building was first designed.  Yet, basically, the term also means the exterior or shell of a building – all those parts providing protection against the elements. Here are 5 ways to identify various types of structural defects. Look for problems with the building’s insulation. [...]