5 Home Inspection Mistakes Buyers And Sellers Make

A home inspection is often conducted during the sale of a home to assess the condition of the home, primarily for the sake of the buyer but it can also prove beneficial for the seller as well.  There are a few things both buyer and seller can do in preparation for and to learn from after. Related Article: Truth About Home Inspections: Homes Can’t Actually Fail Research [...]

Indoor Home Maintenance You Should Be Doing This Fall And Winter

The list of things to do as a homeowner always seems to be never ending. We’re here to help pile on that list and ensure you haven’t forgotten anything important to complete as we approach cooler months. Preparing for winter in Florida may be a bit different than our counterparts up north; however, home maintenance is still necessary no matter where we live. Don’t forget to review our list [...]

Ask The Inspector: Outdoor Winter Month Home Preparation

Is there anything I can do to help prepare my home for the winter months? Yes, even in Florida there are maintenance task a homeowner can do to prepare their home for the coming winter months. While these tasks may not be as extensive as what has to be completed up north, they can still help to prolong the life of different aspects of your home and [...]

Deciding Whether Or Not To Make Repairs Recommended On Your Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Having a home inspection conducted prior to listing your home for sale can help you market your home and attract more buyers. It can also better help you prepare for the sale of your home by providing you with more information about your home and any potential issues that need to be address before granting potential buyers a walk-through. Traditionally, prospective buyers are the ones who hire a [...]

Should I Hire A Home Inspector Before Listing My House?

It is most common for potential buyers to request and pay for a home inspection on a house they have serious interest in purchasing—usually when they have a contract on the house and have every intent to follow through with the sale, pending the home inspection results. While letting this responsibility fall on the shoulders of the buyer, putting this expense off on them can also put more [...]

Why The Age Of Your Electrical System Is Important When Selling Your Home

If you are considering putting your home on the market, be sure to take special considerations if your home is a few decades old before getting yourself a realtor and starting to pack. As years pass by, builders find new and improved ways for building homes that are safer than the old way of doing things. As a result, building codes are updated to reflect these better processes that [...]

The Worst Things To Discover During Your Home Inspection

Getting a home inspection before you purchase a home is necessary to ensure what you are purchasing—and what you are paying—is as expected. Most home inspections are conducted without finding major issues; usually, its minor repairs or noting the age of certain parts of the home that will need repair or replacement soon. Major issues are usually obvious, and the description of homes accurately portray the condition of the [...]

What Every Homeowner Fears But Probably Shouldn’t

Sometimes a home inspection reveals the high probability of a major concern and upon further investigation, it is confirmed. This is often the case when signs of water damage are present and upon a deeper look, mold is discovered in a home that is for sale. For many potential buyers, the discovery of mold can be an automatic disqualifier. However, it doesn’t have to be if you play the [...]

What Causes Mold?

Mold is a fungus that is, technically, everywhere. It grows and becomes a problem in areas that are damp and humid—like the backside of drywall in a small bathroom or under the floor above a crawlspace. Many homeowners are finding that their home is more susceptible to the growth of mold due to the energy-efficient construction. Homes that are well sealed against drafts may prevent an HVAC system from [...]

3 Things Your Home Inspector Wished You Knew

The stage of a home sale where a home inspection is often conducted is where most canceled sales occur. Home inspections can reveal some things about a home that a potential buyer doesn’t have the money, time, or patience to handle. It can also help either side significantly in a sale. A home inspection that comes back with all systems in excellent condition can justify the asking price set [...]

How Often Should I Have A Home Maintenance Inspection?

Home Maintenance Inspections are essentially the same as home inspections that are conducted prior to purchasing a home—but are intended for current homeowners to stay aware of the ongoing needs of their property. These inspections will investigate and report on the major systems and areas of your home, providing advice on general upkeep, maintenance that is required, or coming repairs to expect. Unlike a pre-purchase home inspection, you won’t [...]

Truth About Home Inspections: Homes Can’t Actually Fail

A home inspection may serve as a home’s “report card”, but homes don’t actually pass or fail home inspections even if they may be viewed in such ways. Rather, home inspections highlight areas of major concern that should be repaired. Home inspections are typically conducted prior to the sale of a home, however, can be done during other times. For example, a home inspection may be required by your homeowner’s [...]

Benefits Of Drone Roof Inspections

The growing trend of drone usage is not limited to photographers or videographers. The use of drones is quite endless when you get a little creative and think outside of the box—which we did! To further assist homeowners and property owners throughout the Florida counties we serve, we perform drone inspections for hard to access rooftops and more. Improved Accuracy and Consistency With Drone Rooftop Inspections Aerial inspections conducted by [...]

What To Know About Four-Point Inspections

The purpose of a 4-point inspection is to show your insurance company that the house is worth insuring—either determining that the home is “healthy” or a high insurance claim risk. A 4-point inspection covers (you guessed it!)—4 primary areas of a home: the roof, electrical system, plumbing system, and the HVAC system. These four parts of a home are often the most expensive to repair and the most common [...]

Understanding Blower Door Testing

Back in 2012, the International Residential Code (IRC) put forth a revised set of requirements and building code standards as they do every year. 2012 marked a new era in building codes when the airtightness of home came under scrutiny. What is the airtightness of a home? How is it measured? Essentially, airtightness is measured to determine how well the house was built to minimize risk of moisture intrusion [...]

Why Would My House Need Blower Door Testing?

To fully address this question, we’ll first discuss what a blower door test is and then why your home may need one done. Blower door testing is essentially a test that determines how airtight your home is. Seems pretty self-explanatory, but why would your home need blower door testing? Why does it matter how airtight your home is? For starters, no one has ever liked a drafty house. It usually [...]

What Happens During A Pre-Slab Inspection?

What is a Pre-Slab Inspection? Our pre-slab inspection is carried out on your home base before concrete is poured. This is done to ensure everything is primed and ready for the installation of concrete. Typically, after the concrete is poured, it becomes impossible to tell if any Issues and problems exist within the structure. It is for this reason that a pre-concrete slab inspection is carried out to curb any mishap [...]

What You Need To Know About Lintel Inspections

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to see a building without lintels. A lintel is simply a structural support over openings such as the doors and windows of buildings. This sort of support is however important because it makes it possible for loads to be transferred to the foundation without necessarily putting stress on the frame. Of course, lintels are also expected to be made with the right material to ensure compatibility with [...]

Why Having Your Home’s Roof Inspected Is Important

Roofs are known notoriously for being expensive to repair and replace. And having a strong and reliable roof on your home is important because an issue with your home's roof can also cause issues throughout the rest of your home as well. Imagine, if your roof suddenly begins leaking during a storm or a prolonged period of rain, the damage it could potentially have on everything else in your [...]

What You Need To Know About Mold And The Problems It Causes

How mold can be beneficial Mold is both a necessity and an issue. In the natural world, mold is beneficial in the way it helps decompose things such as dead leaf's and other organic material and redeposit it back into the ecosystem. It’s also necessary to make life saving medicine such as penicillin and other antibiotics. Even some foods we eat everyday are a species of mold, such as [...]

How To Identify The Most Common Problems With Water Heaters

One of the most expensive things that could need replacing in a home is your home’s water heater. Your water heater has the very important job of working continuously to ensure warm water is always available to the people in your home. But because it is working all the time, there are also many things that can go wrong with a water heater. When purchasing a new home, the [...]

Things That Need To Be Done In Your New Home Prior To Moving In

You have searched and searched and now you think you have finally found the home you want to move in to. And you also think this home is move-in ready. But is any home ever truly in “move-in” condition? If the home is brand new construction, then this may be the case. But if your home is even a couple years old, then there are probably at least a few [...]

The Importance Of Proper Application Of Control Joints In Brick Masonry

It is extremely important to ensure there is proper application of control joints when constructing new brick masonry. However, control joints are often not properly planned because builders mistakenly think this responsibility falls on the structural engineer. At times, the building professional may have delegated all parts of the design plan to the contractor. The proper approach to control joints is brick cladding. Yet there are various types of [...]

Preventing Water Intrusion Through Proper Design And Maintenance

Water entering a building often leads to high moisture levels inside, and that will generally enable mold to grow, begin the process of dry rotting, wood deterioration, and contribute to other structural issues. According to the Center For Disease Control (CDC), building design and functionality are integral factors to limiting water intrusion – this situation causes nutrients to enter, which allows mold to grow. To meet this concern head [...]

When Do I Need A Home Inspection

One of the most stress-filled purchases a person can makes involves real estate.  When a suitable home has been found – that is, “suitable” by mere appearances – there are still a host of issues, both financially as well as structurally, that will come into play before the customer can finally take ownership of the property. People who report their experiences (online) with the home buying process are saying, [...]